Wednesday, October 25, 2017


HUGE NEWS this week friends and family. Your´s truly Elder Beck will
be flying along with three great friends all over the mission to roll
out a huge project our mission is taking on. We are all getting smart
phones now. I was the first, and now comes everyone else. I was so
happy to find that out. With that comes Facebook, Whatsapp, and a
bunch of other advantages. For all you who saw me using Facebook,
that´s why. I´m not being disobedient, it really is because we are
getting a ton of new stuff.

With this travel we will be going to Bilbao, Palma de Mallorca,  and
Valencia. May I make a suggestion.... please look at pictures. Look up
all of these places because they are amazing. Granted I will literally
be in conferences the whole time I am there, but it is still so fun
that I get to go there.

Sooooooo, this week has been crazy with all the phone news. My
companion has been working so hard to land deals and lock down the
phones for cheaper, and we have just gone non-stop! There has not been
time to breath.

Missionary work is working well. We are teaching some, but we have to
do a lot more finding!

I will make this one short, because I literally wrote an email last Friday.....

Love you all!!!!!!!!!!!

Elder Beck

Friday, October 20, 2017

And it all Came Crashing Down.... All at Once

Wild week everyone. Absolutely wild. We had transfers week, which, for all that don´t remember is the time when EVERYONE moves in the mission, or decides to have problems. Oh, what a story this one was.......

Everything on the big day (which is Tuesday) went fine. No one missed their plane or trains, everyone made it to their destination. I didn´t have too many phone calls. It was easy. I sent my companion down to Gandia, which is basically the farthest area in the mission.  It was hard to say goodbye, but it was time for him to enjoy something different than the office. He was ready to go. Needless to say, we really didn´t have any problems, at all. Then Tuesday hit.....

The day started off well. Lots of people, buying lots of travel, finishing lots of little projects, and we barely got it all done. I ran to the airport and the train station at 2:00 to drop a group of missionaries off, and then I came back, just in time to present transfers, and get another huge group of missionaries. I realized that a certain group of missionaries had to get the train station very fast, and so I took off with them,  running to get them their. Meanwhile I was trying to cancel a plane ticket that wasn´t going to work, so I missed the exit, and had to do a massive loop back. Those two missionaries made... barely. Then I ran back to get the next group. I picked them up, and shuttled them down in a whirl. We ended up having to take three cars to fit everyone. However, one of the missionaries driving took a wrong turn which ended up in a 15 minute detour. Their train was leaving at 5, and I was standing on the curb waiting for them at 4:56At 4:57 they showed up. We grabbed their bags and ran in. They barely made, but come to find out that two of the missionaries tickets just didn´t process, and so they had to stay the night. So I was taking these missionaries back to the office, and all of the sudden out of nowhere I began to smell something weird, and then the car started smoking. We pulled off to the side of the road, and one of our companions came to pick everyone up. So I waited by this car, and mind you, my phone is at 3%, trying to coordinate all of this, when all of a sudden I received a phone call from some missionaries traveling by train telling me that they missed their stop, and that they were on their way to Madrid. Then it started raining..... at this point I was like, ¨okay, really?¨..... I couldn´t believe it. Thank goodness God exists, because if not I would have rolled over and died. HAHA, thanks to His grace I made it.  All problems were resolved... barely. HAHa

Besides that it was and incredible week. We ate 240 pieces of sushi (I personally ate 43), got to go back to Tarragona, and were blessed to see baptisms. All in all, probably the craziest week of my life. 

Don´t have anymore time. Love you all! 

Elder Beck

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Compassion for Others

You know when those commercials pop up advertising quick neck and back
pain relief, and you just sit there and say, ¨why do they put these on
TV..¨ This week I learned why....

On Thursday I was lifting weights, and I turned my neck to the left as
I lifted  the weights, and out of nowhere I heard a popping noise in
my neck. I set the weights down, went to look to the right, and
shooting pain. I went to look to   the left, and shooting pain. I
tried to look up, even worse. Turns out I pulled a muscle in my neck.
It was the worst. You never really realize how much you use your neck,
until you can´t. I was stuck like that for two days, and then Elder
Perri gave me two massages which helped a ton. Then, the next day
Elder Cvijanovich gave me another one. That released it up a ton.
After three days I could move it relatively normally, and on the
fourth day it was fine. But my goodness, I wish it didn´t happen.
Let's just say I will never complain about those commercials again,
and my compassion for people with neck pain has dramatically increased

Transfers is this week, and we have been slammed. Literally every day
of the week has been jammed packed. On top of that we have some
baptisms this weekend, which is a super big blessing, just a lot more
stress as well. however, the third time around it isn´t as hard
because I know exactly what I need to do. Being Secretary has been the
biggest blessing because I have learned sooooo much. It has allowed me
to deal with incredibly stressful situations, and still perform.

On a more fun note, today we went to the big palace in Barcelona. It
is a huge castle that has been converted to a giant art museum. I
loved going in and admiring the art. It is incredible to think that
people had a vision so grand back then. They created incredible
structures and art with none of the technology we have today. They did
it from pure work and brilliance. It makes think about how much we can
do today!!!

Wow, life is going so well. The weather is beautiful, and I could not
be happier.

Love you all more than you know!!!!

Elder Beck

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Let's Riot

Brothers and Sisters, this week has been a wild one to say the least. For all of those who didn´t see Barcelona was in full revolutionary mode. More than anything it was just annoying. Tons of people were in the streets, so we couldn´t really go to the public places. However, we weren´t part of anything so none of the missionaries got hurt or anything. It was all good. It is interesting to see the people here. They are getting pretty crazy about it. They really want independence. 

The interesting thing about being here in the office is that we saw all the videos from the police stuff. Being in the office allows us to understand the situation better. We had some supplies prepared in case we were told to stay in, but nothing happened that would have warranted that. 

On  the brighter side, I got a new companion. Elder Sorensen if from Texas, and he is sooo smart. 36 on the ACT, graduated early to go to BYU, and is funny as well. We have had a blast sharing stories, and it seems like we are going to have a great 3 months together. 

Having an iphone has been a huge blessing for buying travel on the go. It helps us to be able to do what we need to do without interrupting our day. Instead of having to get up at 6:00 in the morning or 11:00 at night to drive to the office, we are able to do it from our apartment.

Our investigators are incredible. Sandra y Dayana are getting baptized next week, which is a huge blessing. They are both progressing so much. The members are supporting them, and they love the church. It has been great to be part of their progression in the great gospel of Jesus Christ. 

 Aida has been struggling a little bit more. It has been hard to meet with her due to her schedule. She is still reading and praying, just lacking the ability to meet with her. 

As well we are teaching Jordi, the man from Barcelona. He has been participating in the demonstrations this week so we weren´t able to meet with them. We have visit with him tomorrow which we are super excited about. 

The work is progressing. We are working hard in our area to boost up member work. We have changed the way we divide up time. We spend time passing by members more, and we saw a huge miracle from it. We found this less active man named Bruno, who was going to leave from that apartment the next day. It was a huge miracle, because he has desires to change and to begin again. 

The work continues. Transfers are in two weeks, so we are excited about that. Just another day, with another challenge. 

Love you all, 

Elder Beck 

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

I got an IPhone

Dearest Friends and Family, 

This was a hard week. Really hard week. I came to the realization that my life is on the downhill. I left the wonderful time in human existence known as the teens, and entered what as known as the twenties. Oh, it hurts to say. Thoughts of retirement funds, mortgage payments, health insurance, and all the problems that come with that harsh word known as ¨adulthood¨ flooded my mind. My bones will begin to decay, wrinkles set in, and back pain becomes something I know personaly. That´s how I spent my birthday, with that sad realization. huhhhhhh......

Haha, just kidding, the truth is this was one of the best birthdays ever! 20 is the best because it was a birthday in Barcelona. I spent the day picking up all of my friends from the airport, so it literally was the best ever. They got me ice cream and made me brownies/banana bread. It was so fun. There was Missionary Leadership Council on Monday, so all of my favorite people came from all over the mission and were here. That was so good. We ended up staying with all of them in the office. It was one giant sleepover. As well, President Dayton gave permission for the Secretary (me) to have an iphone. I will be the first missionary in this mission to have an iphone! Blessings!!!

Other than that, wow, life is good. This week we had a lot of late nights. Getting back after 12 am is a regular occurrence for us. While it´s fun, it takes its toll. By Monday, after too much banana bread and a sleepover, I was dead. Let´s just say I had to take a nap at a certain point. Haha. 

Our investigators are AMAZING. Sandra and Dayana took me to eat pizza for my birthday, and are for sure getting baptized on the 15th. Wow, they are incredible. They are reading the Book of Mormon, and Dayana said that she is excited to serve a mission one day! There is nothing better you can here as a missionary. 

As well we have a man named Jordi. It was really interesting how we found him. About a month ago we were in the streets talking to people, and we saw Jordi with two of his sisters carrying a table. They were moving, and we offered to help. We carried the table to the apartment, and dropped it off. We had another visit, so we gave him a pamphlet and our card and left. Fast forward three weeks. We were passing by a random person, and out of nowhere walks Jordi. I recognized him, and he recognized us (we are pretty easy to recognize). We talked to him, and he said it must not be coincidence that we met again. We set a visit, and we met yesterday. He accepted a baptism date for the 21st of October. He is so humble, and so ready. 

Aida as well is doing fantastic. She didn´t come to church this last week, but she is reading and progressing. She will be getting baptized on the 14th as well. We are very excited for her. 

I am just soaking in every second of this mission. It´s been the best experience of my life. 

Love you all, 
Elder Beck 

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

The Secret Garden

Friends, Neighbors, Acquaintances, and all other Folks, this week's
was a wild show. Wow, where do I begin......

Welll the truth is, I usually get to this point in the week, and I
really don´t remember what has happened this week. We do a lot of the
same routine stuff, and the time just kinda blends together. Office
work varys. We make trips to government buildings, airports (lots of
airport runs), and other random errands. I am in charge of travel, so
I spend a lot of time talking to flight companies, church people, and
other stuff. It´s interesting, and at the same time frustrating.
That´s how it is sometimes.

For preparation day we went to the labyrinth. It´s basically a giant
garden that is super beautiful. It looked exactly like the garden from
the Secret Garden. I will send some pics below!

I have to admit though the best part of being secretary of the mission
office is the relationship with our President and his wife. They are
so great. They teach us so much everyday. It is absolutely incredible.
I have basically learned how I want to live my life by watching their
examples. They perfect examples of the scripture Alma 37:6. They have
done the little things their whole lives, and it is pay offs. We found
a quote that I love, and it exemplifies it. Bruce Barton once said
¨Sometimes when I consider what tremendous consequences come from
little things - I am tempted to think there are no little things.¨
WOW, Inspirational. It is so true though. If there is one thing I have
learned is that there are no little things in life. Every day matters.
Every second counts. That is something that is critical in life.

We have some amazing investigators. Sandra and Dayana are so nice.
They made us food again which was so fun. Haha, they are reading the
Book of Mormon and are progressing so much. They are reading and
praying which is sooo good! However, they weren´t able to come to
church because Sandra was sick. We have a visit with her tomorrow, and
we are excited.

Aida came to church and she is super good. She is progressing. She has
been reading, and she has a fecha for the 14th. Wow, she is wonderful.
We weren´t able to meet with her for a long while, but now that we are
it is great!

We also did a special fast with our friend Gina. There family is
trying to get money to go to Ecuador so that they can get married and
be baptized. We started the fast with a GIANT meal, and then ended it
with an even bigger one. Literally it was a mountain of rice. It
looked like a small football. By grace I was able to finish it. Haha.
We are excited for their progression as well.

Things are great. Life is amazing. I just cannot express how grateful
I am for all of you. Literally, I think I am the most blessed person
on earth.

Love you all,
Elder Beck

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Exploring Barç and the Lord's hand

OOOOHHHH my, this week was one of the best weeks of my life. We were soooo blessed. Seriously it was the BEST week. And it goes like this....

First, we have been struggling with our area. For almost two months we have worked like work horses to try and find and teach people. We have found some, but they just haven´t been prepared, or they never met us again. For example, we would talk to 30 people on the street, get 17 numbers, and not see anyone of them again. For those who don´t understand, that is tough. We literally spend 24/7 for 2 years trying to help people come closer to Christ, and when we don´t feel like we are doing that, it hurts. We had fasted and prayed, and were just waiting for miracles. Then it came.

This Sunday Sandra and Diana walked in to church. They are a mother and daughter from Nicaragua, and they are some of the most prepared people I have ever taught. They have such an intense desire to learn more about Jesus Christ and His restored church. We went over to their house on Monday, and they fed us fantastic Nicaraguan food (Picture attached below). My companion Elder Hale was sick so Elder Christensen (my old companion in Tarragona) went with me. We had such a blast teaching again together. The spirit was very strong. They both committed to be baptized on the 7th of October. It only gets better. 

We were hustling to pass by another person yesterday, and two Italian men stopped us. They asked us who we were, and when we explained, they invited us into their house. They proceeded to offer us beer HAHA, and then started to smoke. We then shared a wonderful message about how the Book of Mormon could help change their lives. It was a strong lesson, and the one who spoke spanish well was very grateful that we were there. 

All of the sudden things changed very quickly. We are finding and teaching a ton now, and Lord has blessed us so much. The thing I am grateful for is the time we had to ask the Lord for these blessings. He taught me patience, and that this is His work, not our´s. that is an impactful lesson. This mission has changed my life in so many ways, and it continues to change it everyday. 

For our wonderful Preparation Day we spent time on Tibidabo, a famous cathedral in the mountains, and then walked around the old streets. It is so fun seeing the beautiful architecture that is found here. People gave so much trying to draw closer unto God, and you can really feel that as you walk into these incredible cathedrals. It is such a blast to see all the talented performers as well. There was a man who did the flamenco(a style of dance), it´s like tapping, and it was so good. We got a picture with him after haha. Sorry for the fact he wasn't wearing a shirt. That's Europe! Haha 

Anyway, keep loving life people! Make everyday count. 

Elder Beck 

Nicaraguan food, flamenco man, and Barç,