Thursday, September 29, 2016

4 Days to Barca

September 29, 2016

So, I´m leaving for Barca in three days!! That´s crazy!! I´ve grown so much in the MTC, and I can´t wait to hop on a 180 mph bullet train and get to Barcelona. That´s when it gets real!! I love this mission so much.

As many of you know I had my bday on Saturday, and it was a great time. For my birthday all the Italian elders sang the Italian national anthem, which is seriously so lit. If you have never heard it go listen to it right now!! Also got a sweet soccer ball from my district, and the package from the fam was killer!!!!

Now I want to share a really amazing experience I had at the park last week. I was with my home boy Elder Hunsaker, and we had a really tough day. Between straight rejections
 and anti mormons we were dead tired at the last 15 minutes. However, right when we felt like throwing in the towel we were able to meet two really incredible people, who, after we bore testimony, decided to accept the Book of Mormon and read it. Then the most incredible thing happened. As we boarded the metro  back a man waved over to us and asked us in Spanish if we had an Italian Book of Mormon. I said we didn´t. We only had Spanish and English. Then during the conversation I looked up, and in the next car over was one of the Italian Elders, Elder Rodriguez, standing there teaching a lesson. I turned to the guy and said I was going to get him an Italian BOM. When the metro stopped Elder Hunsaker and I booked it over to the next car, grabbed an Italian BOM from him, and made it back barely in time. The door´s were literally closing as we hopped on. Meanwhile the guy was laughing his head off the whole time. HAHA, I then asked if he could read Moroni 10:4-5, the promise of the book. He said he couldn´t, and so in horrendous Italian I read him the promise. It was such a cool experience. Later, after we got back to the MTC, Elder Rodriguez stopped me and told me he had gotten to the metro one train earlier. He and his comp were about to get on, but the Spirit prompted him to wait. And so he stopped and decided to wait for the next train. Not only that, but he stood in the only spot I could have seen him through the window. God loves his children, and it was nothing short of a miracle. The church is true, and God wants everyone to read the Book of Mormon.

To sum it all up, this has been a fantastic week. I´ll email again on Monday, and from now on I will be emailing on Monday!! Love you all and I hope you have a Fantabulous week

Elder Beck

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