Thursday, September 22, 2016

Buenos Dìas Todos Personas

September 22, 2016


Whats up from the great land of the USA?? I hope you are doing great, and that the sun is still shining down upon you.

To begin with this email, guess what.... ONLY ONE WEEK LEFT IN THE MISSIONARY TRAINING CENTER!!!!! Holy cow.. In a week and a half I`ll be taking a four hour bullet train to the great land of Barcelona!! I could not be more stoked. Although I have enjoyed the people and fun of the MTC, it is definitely time for me to move on with my blessed mission and get teaching some real people.

Moving on, so our every week we make goals regarding the language, and this week we started speaking in Spanish completely. It has been crazy. To give you a quick analogy, it`s like trying to eat food without hands... I don´t think you realize how much you don´t know until you start trying to speak alllll the time. It´s been a little crazy. AHAH, but I love it.

Now, even though I always sound super pumped in these emails, which I am, there is definitley some hard days. For me, it is super hard not to get frustrated with myself over the language. Even though we work hard everyday, it´s hard not to wonder if were doing enough. However, every time I get frustrated I remember that the person who assigned me to this mission was the Lord. I am so blessed to be learning another language, and to get to serve the people of Spain. Onward, ever onward .

Quick update, so the Russians and the Portugese/French left last week, and they were replaced by more Russians, and some super awesome Italian Elders. I love them so much, and I`m pretty sure I´m going to be fluent in 4 languages by the time I leave. SWEET!!!!

Love you all, and here are some pics of me in case y`all forgot what I look like.

Elder Beck

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