Thursday, September 15, 2016

Halfway There

September 15, 2016

What's up everyone??? I hope you are all doing absolutely amazing!

To begin, all the Elders that were only staying for three weeks left the MTC on Tuesday. It was super tough to say goodbye to all of them. They were my examples when I first got here to the MTC, and there enthusiasm inspired me. I loved each and every one of them. The Elders who left were the Elders going to the Baltic states, Russia, France, Portugal, and Africa. They are going to kill it out there. Also, one of the Elder´s that left is from Haiti, and he gave me a necklace from there, so basically I´m adopted into the Haitian people now!! BOOYAA

It is absolutely crazy to think were half way through the MTC here. Even though it´s only been three weeks I´ve changed so much, and I feel like I´ve lived a lifetime here. The Spirit is so strong everyday, and I learn so much about the Gospel and the lovely Spanish language.

I wanted to share an experience from the park this last Saturday. My park companion and I filled our bags with 13 Book´s of Mormon and tons of pamphlets and said we were going to try to hand out every single one of them. To get to the park we have to ride the metro, and so right when we got to the metro platform my comp and I started talking to every single person we could. At the beginning we got rejected a lot, but as we got to the park we started to find people who listened to our message in broken Spanish, and we started hanging out our stuff. We were talking to people every second we could, and were praying like crazzzy that we could find people who were willing to listen to and accept our message. However, with only thirty minutes left, we still had eight Book´s of Mormon. We stopped and said a prayer under a tree, and went to work. We exercised a ton of faith, and in just over thirty minutes we handed out every single book. It was a huge blessing. Without the Lord it would not have been possible. Every person I felt prompted to talk to accepted a book and committed to read it. This gospel is true people.

If you ever want to know why I left my family, school, and friends for two years, read the Book of Mormon, then ask God to know if it is true. That´s how I know it´s true, and that´s how you can know as well.

Love you all more than you know,

Elder Beck

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