Monday, October 31, 2016

Flipped out on Ancient Roman Ruins

October 31, 2016

¡Hola mis amigos! ¿Como le va en Los Estados Unidos? As you can see my Spanish is straight fire. Haha

Well, I hope you all had a stupendous Halloween! They sorta of
celebrate it here, but it's not as big of a deal.

This week was wonderful as far as the work goes. A quick story, one
night about three weeks ago we were in the streets contacting. It was
late, and a little cold, so there weren't many people who were willing
to stop and listen, but we were still diligent and continued to work.
Then, a wonderful lady named Alba walked next to us. I asked her how
she was doing, where she was from, all the basics. Then we proceeded
to share the Book of Mormon with her. As we read her the promise of
the Book of Mormon her eyes lit up. We knew she could feel the spirit.
So we set up a visit, and committed her to read and pray about the
book. Fast forward three weeks later, and she was sitting in stake
conference, sobbing, when the choir was singing Praise to the Man. She
knew she had found Christ's church on the earth. It has been
absolutely incredible to be with her from the beginning to now. She is
getting baptized this week on Saturday, and I get to do it. What a
blessing this gospel is to people who are willing to experiment upon
the promises  of God. You know what's interesting, she wasn't
converted by us. Not even close. People, I can barely say "we are
missionaries" in Spanish, let alone convince a woman who is strong and
active in another church that this message is true. I can't convince
her that Joseph Smith really did restore the Church of Jesus Christ
again to the earth. I can't convince her that the Book of Mormon is
actually the Word of God, just like the Bible. No, no, no.... she was
converted by the Holy Spirit of God, who promises to testify of truth
if we are willing to act. That is the best part about this church. If
you want to know, you can know through the Holy Ghost. That is a
promise from our Heavenly Father.

On other topics, the majority of our investigators canceled our
meetings with us this week, and so it was a lot of contacting and
calling. However, we found promising. New investigators, so that we
will see how that goes!

As far as the language, it is most certainly improving, but it is
definitely taking time. I can now understand a lot better, but
speaking is still coming along! The goal is just to keep on keeping as
they say.

A super fun thing we did is today, we visited an incredible Ancient
Roman Aqueduct. Being me, I decided the best course of action was to
climb up and do a backflip. It turned out pretty great. Haha! There
are so many places to see and explore here. We find something
incredible every single day!

Keep sending me an excessive amount updates my people! I love you more
than you know, and I hope you are enjoying this wonderful season as
much as I am. You are the best!

Elder Beck

Monday, October 24, 2016

The Mountain Pueblo and an APOSTLE

October 24, 2016

Buenas (everyone says that here) my beloved friends and family!! Glad
the fall season is going well for everyone.

To begin this lovely email, this week we got to see an APOSTLE of the
Lord! President Nelson visited our mission. It was a blast seeing
everyone. But more Importantly the spirit that we felt was like
nothing I have ever felt before. He was so inspired. He called us to
remember that we were chosen to do this work in the life before, and
that family history needed to be an important part of our everyday
actions. We have started using it when we are contacting, and we will
see how it works. During the meeting I got a sure witness that he was
an apostle of the Lord. They have the same keys that were given to
Peter long ago during the life of Christ (Matthew 16: 17-18). This
church is the restored church of Jesus Christ, the same that was
established by Christ himself during his ministry. The reality is
either Joseph Smith was a complete fraud and I am wasting two years of
my life for nothing, or he was called to be a prophet and this is the
work of God. The only way you will know is if you read the Book of
Mormon. God promises to reveal the truth to those who read and pray
with real intent. I ask you to please read it. I promise with the
deepest feelings of my heart it will change your life forever. I know
because it changed mine.

On a lighter note, we had companion exchanges for a day, and I got to
go to a smaller city called Tortosa. It's a great place. My companion
and I then went up to a mountain pueblo called Prat de Comte. There we
met with a little Honduran family who fed us eggplant stuffed with
tuna and cheese. Sounds gross, but it ended up being okay! The place
was insane though. It's the type of place you only dream about
visiting. You drive through the mountains, and it feels like you are
in the middle of nowhere, then all of a sudden an ancient village pops
up. It looks like a place from Nepal. What a great experience!!!!

A little interesting thing about the Barcelona mission. Here, there
are so many people from different countries. We talk to people from
Nigeria, Ghana, Pakistan, Morocco, Columbia, Ecuador, Bolivia, Cuba,
England, China... the list goes on and on. One elder started keeping
track, and he has talked to people from over 90 different countries.
It's crazy to think I get the opportunity to learn and grow with so
many different people and cultures.

It was a wonderful week, and I hope you are living the dream. I love
you all, and keep writing!!

Elder Beck

Monday, October 17, 2016

Sticks and stones may break my bones, and thank goodness we didn't have to find out

October 17, 2016

We HOLA my beloved friends and family. It's your Elder from across the
big pond! You all seem like your doing wonderful. In the famous words
of Pedro Sanchez, "I hope all you wildest dreams are coming

Now many of you may have been extremely confused by the title of this
email, but let me explain. So my good Elder Dunn and I were out on the
streets one day, working hard, when we decided to visit some less
active meme era. We arrived at of their building, and proceeded to
ring the buzzer for their piso (apartment). All of a sudden this old
man bursts out of the lounge area and starts yelling at us and telling
us to leave. We tried to calmly explain that we had a friend who lived
there, but he was having none of it. He started to walk away back into
the building, and we stayed at the entrance. He turned, saw us again,
and hobbled back to the door. He started screaming at us, and this
time started to threaten to hit us with his cane. After it became
clear the people weren't home we walked away, with him finally
leaving. Slightly scary, but more funny because honestly if he tried
to hit us I don't think it would have done any damage. Hence, the
title.  Hahaha

The food here is amazing! The members feed at at least three or four
times a week, and the food is good. The beans are literally to die
for, and they have this super amazing dish called paella. It's
basically rice with chicken, pork, or beef, but it is soooooo good!!
I'm in love, which has resulted in me gaining quite a bit of weight.
When I left I was like 152, now I'm 165.... haha

The work is going great as well. We have several people with baptism
dates, and we work hard everyday to not only find new people on the
street, but also work hard to work with members. That is the best way
to do the work. When we have referrals teach a lot more people who are
truly ready to hear the gospel.

One special investigator is Adrian. Adrian has a serious addiction to
smoking, but he is fighting super hard to overcome it. Sometimes he
will come to church and have to go outside to smoke, but we always go
with him and encourage him to keep fighting! I cannot wait to see him
overcome this through the power of our Savior.

I love this gospel, I love this place, and above all I love you! Keep
killing out there people, and don't forget to write!! I love hearing
all about your lives!

With more love than you know,
Elder Beck

P.S Elder Dunn and I ran out to watch the sunrise over the
Mediterranean this morning, and it was INCREDIBLE! Also added a
picture I edited.

Monday, October 10, 2016

FIRST AREA!!!!! And it is INSANE

October 10, 2016

HELLO BOYS AND GIRLS! How are y'all doing? I hope the world is still turning and America. Politics haven't blown up the nation yet!!!! Haha

So my first area is the incredible land of Tarragona. People. You would not believe this place. It's an ancient city that was built like 4 million years ago and is still standing. Please, instead of checking out the Instagram, go look up this place for me. I can't believe this is my first area!! It is right on the Mediterranean Sea, and it is so beautiful!! Every corner we turn is just so amazing, and I'm loving every second of it.  #blessed.

I finished up my time at the MTC which was a great learning experience for me! I've learned a lot, and I mean a lot, of humility. I've realized the importance of relying on my Savior every day. In Tarragona, we walk roughly 8 miles a day, and when it's raining and people aren't speaking with you it is absolutely necessary to rely on Him.

After leaving the MTC we met President Dayton and his wife. They are wonderful. It was so nice to have good food again!! Haha, I'm a huge meeting we then found out our trainers ( I'm with Elder Dunn from Utah, and he is fantastic) and found out our areas. Tarragona is about 1 1/2 hour train ride away from the good old Barcelona! Elder Dunn and I left that night and got to work. We visited a man named and David, and we committed him to baptism on October 29th!! Such s great area. #blessedagain 

I am having a blast!! I have two hours to email now, and I will be emailing at the same time, so write me tons!!! I love hearing from every one of you, and I will respond to everyone. 

The photo down below is me preaching the word here in Tarragona 


Elder Beck