Monday, October 31, 2016

Flipped out on Ancient Roman Ruins

October 31, 2016

¡Hola mis amigos! ¿Como le va en Los Estados Unidos? As you can see my Spanish is straight fire. Haha

Well, I hope you all had a stupendous Halloween! They sorta of
celebrate it here, but it's not as big of a deal.

This week was wonderful as far as the work goes. A quick story, one
night about three weeks ago we were in the streets contacting. It was
late, and a little cold, so there weren't many people who were willing
to stop and listen, but we were still diligent and continued to work.
Then, a wonderful lady named Alba walked next to us. I asked her how
she was doing, where she was from, all the basics. Then we proceeded
to share the Book of Mormon with her. As we read her the promise of
the Book of Mormon her eyes lit up. We knew she could feel the spirit.
So we set up a visit, and committed her to read and pray about the
book. Fast forward three weeks later, and she was sitting in stake
conference, sobbing, when the choir was singing Praise to the Man. She
knew she had found Christ's church on the earth. It has been
absolutely incredible to be with her from the beginning to now. She is
getting baptized this week on Saturday, and I get to do it. What a
blessing this gospel is to people who are willing to experiment upon
the promises  of God. You know what's interesting, she wasn't
converted by us. Not even close. People, I can barely say "we are
missionaries" in Spanish, let alone convince a woman who is strong and
active in another church that this message is true. I can't convince
her that Joseph Smith really did restore the Church of Jesus Christ
again to the earth. I can't convince her that the Book of Mormon is
actually the Word of God, just like the Bible. No, no, no.... she was
converted by the Holy Spirit of God, who promises to testify of truth
if we are willing to act. That is the best part about this church. If
you want to know, you can know through the Holy Ghost. That is a
promise from our Heavenly Father.

On other topics, the majority of our investigators canceled our
meetings with us this week, and so it was a lot of contacting and
calling. However, we found promising. New investigators, so that we
will see how that goes!

As far as the language, it is most certainly improving, but it is
definitely taking time. I can now understand a lot better, but
speaking is still coming along! The goal is just to keep on keeping as
they say.

A super fun thing we did is today, we visited an incredible Ancient
Roman Aqueduct. Being me, I decided the best course of action was to
climb up and do a backflip. It turned out pretty great. Haha! There
are so many places to see and explore here. We find something
incredible every single day!

Keep sending me an excessive amount updates my people! I love you more
than you know, and I hope you are enjoying this wonderful season as
much as I am. You are the best!

Elder Beck

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