Monday, November 21, 2016

Adiós Inglés

For all you non Spanish speakers, that means goodbye English.... haha

So this week was transfers and my new companion is Elder Ramirez. He
is from Colombia, and speaks literally noooo English..... it is
definitely a good time!!! We have had such a blast here.

This week was pretty crazy. I've basically learned three years of
Spanish, and probably 10 years worth of patience. It's been a little
difficult going from talking all the time In English, to literally
just basic phrases. However, I am so grateful for the opportunity I
have to Spanish quickly. He is teaching me a ton, which will be a
blessing the rest of the mission!

We have this one investigator named Pamela, who is 20 years old. She
is getting baptized next week, and I am stoked for her. The teaching
process has been nothing short of awkward. To teach someone your
age.... who is a girl.... is sooooo weird. But my companion and I have
overcome the challenge, and she is getting baptized this next week!

Quick shout out to the people in the musical this week, the pictures
looked great, and its sounds like you killed it. Congrats on that!

So while I have been here I have changed a ton. As I have submitted my
will to the Lord's He has taught me so many things about myself and
people. Everyday, I am striving to be a better person so that the Lord
can use me as an instrument in this work.

I have a testimony that this is Christ's church. I know my Savior
lives, and that he has called a prophet, like Moses and Abraham, to
lead and guide The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints! This
is His work, and I am so blessed to get to do it for this short time!

Have a great week, and keep writing! Happy thanksgiving!!!!!!

Elder Beck

Old companion and I taking on the world one person at a time

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