Monday, November 28, 2016

I got shot...

Soooooooo, in all honesty I only got a flu shot, but I figured more people would read this email if I sent the intriguing subject line, so there ya go.

To begin, this week has been wonderful as far as the work goes. We are focusing on finding more people, and we are really trying to do it through the members. It seems a little slow at times, but as we have preservered we have begun to see miracles. For example, we had a baptism this last week. Pamela is the daughter of a member, and she just moved here a little while ago. We taught her the lessons, and now she was been baptized. What a blessing it has been to already have two baptisms. The Lord is so merciful, and He provides when we are trying to do our best. 

Two quick miracle stories. So first, on Thursday night, one of our investigators fired on us (which means they canceled on the visit), so we decided to go pass by Adrian, one of our long time investigators who hadn´t been picking up his phone when we called him. So, we caught the bus, and on the bus, sitting right next to us, was Adrian. I was so happy to find him. We had a lesson, and he is working to get back on track. It is a little difficult, because he has had a horrible home life. And I mean horrible. We are trying to help him see the light that his Savior can bring to him. It was such a miracle to find him on the bus. 

The other... So yesterday we had a medio dia (lunch) planned with one of our investigators, and as we got to the bus station, I couldn´t find my bus card, and the place you can buy them was closed. So I was stressing super hard, because the member had worked hard to make a nice medio dia. However, I couldn´t find my card. So here we were, on the street, with absolutely no visits, when out of the blue, we contacted his beautiul family. They were young, but as we shared with them what we believed about the family, you could see the light in their eyes. We scheduled an appointment with them for tonight, and I am super excited to teach them. The reality is God knows His children, and He is preparing a way for them to hear the gospel. 

Not much else to say! I´m learning spanish super duper fast with Elder Ramirez, and he is a great teacher. It has been such a blessing to learn from him. 

I love you, and keep writing!!!!!!!

Elder Beck 

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