Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Trump = Free Bread

This week was insane to say the least!! To start, my ipad has problems, so I don´t know what is going to go down with that. I know I missed some people in the email, but it will all be fixed next week. 

Our transfers were this week, and it was tough to see Elder Dunn go. My new companion is named Elder Ramirez. He is a Colombian who doesn´t speak any English..... Needless to say my Spanish is going to improve reaalllyyy quick!! 

So quick funny story. We were walking in the streets this week, and a man stopped us. This man always asks how Utah is when we walk by, so we sort of know who we is. We started walking with him, and all he talked about was how Trump won, and it was super funny. Then after he gave us like 5 loaves of bread. It was great. The bread was pretty good. 

Thanks to the problems with my ipad, I don´t have any time to email this week. Write next week and I promise I will respond. Ipad has gotta get fixed up first. 

Thank you for the emails and the love. Have a great week!!

Elder Beck

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