Monday, December 5, 2016

LEARNING at the Speed of Light

Buenas Dias mis amigos, to begin the discourse, I am learning Spanish
super, uber, duper, fast!!!! It has been such a blessing to have a
native companion. He has taught me so much, and I feel like I am
understanding a ton now! The Lord knows exactly what we need, and He

Quick story, so last week I lost my iPad, which was super
unfortunate!! Buuuuuttt, thanks to the Hand of the Lord, the person
who had it returned to the bank, and I have it now. This is where the
story gets interesting. As we walked out of the bank a woman stopped
us, and asked if we were the Mormon missionaries. Of course, we
responded that we were, and she proceeded to tell us she has been
searching for the church after she had moved from another country! She
wanted to be baptized, and for her child to grow up with the teachings
of the gospel! She lives in the area of the sisters, but still, what a
blessing. The Lord works in mysterious ways, I just wished it required
a little less stress on my part! What a blessing!!

Not a ton else! Tarragona is so beautiful with the lights and the
trees here! I absolutely love the time of Christmas! It is such a
great opportunity to remember our Savior and what we did!!

Love you all, and have a fantastic week! Keep writing!

Elder Beck

Sent from my RECOVERED iPad

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