Monday, December 19, 2016

Week of weeks of weeks

Sooo in reality this week was good, but nothing really exciting
happened! I am doing well, and Spain continues to be an absolute
blast! I love it here, and everyday just gets better and better.

We had the ward Christmas party, and brethren, let me tell you, the
Spanish People know how to party! Singing, a ton of people were
dancing, and some of the best food ever! I love it here. Definitely
going to take my party skills have learned here  back home with me!

On a more serious note, this week we we met Eva. She has multiple
sclerosis and a daughter who is 5 years old. They are alone, and in a
horrible situation. I have only cried twice on my mission, and one was
last night as we thought about them. This morning we woke up and
cleaned her house for two hours, because it was in a bad situation. We
are going to continue to work with her. My mission has really allowed
me to see how petty the world is, and how so many people care about so
many things that are useless. I did too. I am changing that as I help

Not much else! I a, super excited for Christmas on my mission! I
encouraged everyone to remember the one who we are celebrating. He
lived the perfect life, and I am so grateful for Hi !

Keep writing, and have a wonderful Christmas!

Elder Beck

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