Monday, January 23, 2017

The Down, and then the Up

This week was wild. To start, last week was a difficult week. We spent
a lot of time with flaky investigators, talking to people in the
street, and overall it was just tough. We worked, we worked, and we
worked a little more. However, no matter what we did, we just hadn't
seen the results. I couldn't help but blame myself for the problems,
and it was tough. Then we had the week of miracles...

We did companion exchanges with the zone leaders on Tuesday. It was
absolutely incredible. Everyone who stopped to have a conversation was
prepared to hear the gospel. Everyone was receptive. We started
setting visits and teaching every night. On Saturday we had so many
people to teach we didn't think we could get it all done. We set
baptismal dates! Overall it was just an incredible week.

What else. The one funny thing about being American is that everyone
assumes you are related to trump. It's super funny. I have had a blast
with it.

Other random stuff... the waves were really big this week so that was
fun to see!

That's about it! All and all we are just trucking along. The mission
life is the best!

Love you all,
Elder Beck

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