Monday, February 27, 2017

Elevators, swearing Africans, and sea Cliffs

This week was fantastic. Funny story super quick. We all went to
Barcelona for a few days for a zone conference, and so 11 elders
stayed in one piso. There were 7 of us at a time, and the elevator got
stuck. We stayed in there a long time! It was hot and clammy. Let's
just say I have pity for the people who love in the Sahara desert,
cause that's how it felt for us. Thanks to the willpower of man
though, we were able to make it out!

Another highlight includes our incredible African investigators that
are getting baptized this week. The funniest thing is that our swear
word aren't swear words for them. So sometimes we will be in a super
spiritual moment, and out of nowhere they just "swear" and it is so
funny. During of the lessons my companion and I lost it. It's just so
funny to see them do it! Nigerian people are literally my favorite
people in the world.

For preparation day we got to go to some cliffs right in the sea. It's
one of the few advantages of living in paradise! The weather was
really nice as well, so to just sit and take in the sun was such a
good time. I'll send pics.

The truth is our area is doing so well. We are teaching so many
prepared people, and it just gets better and better every single week.
I love mission life, and the time flys by faster and faster every
single day. I am so grateful for this time.

I love you all. I want to share my testimony with you that I know the
Book of Mormon is true, and that I have seen it change lives. It
changed mine, and I know that it is the word of God like the Bible.
Please read it. If you just take 5 minutes a day and pray about it,
you are going to feel something so incredible. It will bless you in so
many ways.

Have and fantastic week and love,
Elder Beck

Monday, February 20, 2017

You would not believe this day!

Basically I had the absolute most insane Sunday in the world!!!!! Let
me explain...

So I woke up so an annoying pain in my foot which made it so I had to
basically limp around until it loosened up a little. I hurt it in
sports on Saturday. Also, we had a baptism that day so I was extra
anxious to be going 100 percent! Anyway, we get to church and it
finally feels a little better. As we are sitting there with our future
convert Marvis (from Nigeria) he gets up to tell us he invited a whole
African family to come to the service! All of a sudden they are there,
so that was a huge miracle! Then, our ward mission leader came up to
us and told us to do a class in English on the fly. We grabbed some
return missionaries who can speak English and threw them in a class
room, then ran downstairs to finish filling the font for the baptism.
Then we run back up, had the rest of the classes, and begin preparing
for the baptism! Everything went super well after that, and we had a
great baptism! But we are only getting started....

Later in that day we are coming down the stairs of a person who we
just finished a terrible, bible bashing lesson with another man from
Africa. As we are coming down the stairs a man runs out of his
apartment and tells us to come inside. Now look, I don't usually get
afraid of people, or for that matter houses, and neither does my
companion, but as we entered the door the spirit hit me sooo strong,
telling us both that we can't go in. As I looked in I could see a
television, and it was all dark. He kept telling us to come in, but we
persisted in saying no. It was like I was getting punched in the
stomach the spirit was so strong. We ended up leaving, and I will
never know what was inside that house.

There was definitely divine intervention on that one, and for at I am
grateful. Just another testimony builder that the power of the Holy
Ghost is real.

I really am so grateful to be on this mission! What a ride it has
been!! Keep climbing people!!

Elder Beck

Monday, February 13, 2017

The Most Successful Week EVER

This week was absolutely incredible. Elder Christensen is absolutely
amazing! I am so glad that I have the opportunity to be companions
with him! This week has been nothing short of a miracle.

First, we are baptizing one, maybe two people. The one is for sure is
Marvis, a Nigerian man that we found on the street! He is so happy,
and he told us that he feels like his soul is free now! It has been
the most incredible time teaching him!!

The other we have is Oscar. He is 15 years old, and super prepared as
well. He goes to seminary and everything! The only thing is that he
needs permission from his mom, and she isn't giving it! It has been
something we have been trying to work through, but really we have seen
a ton of improvement! We are hoping to get the permission this week!

We also have a two more scheduled, and we are only finding more and  more!!

Sooo, this preparation day we went to the mountains to go hiking with
members and it was a blast! It rained a ton, but we had a great time!!

For the ward talent show we did a rap in Spanish, and the word loved
it! It was absolutely hilarious. They loved it so much that they asked
us to do it again. We struck gold with it! Elder Christensen is an
animal writing raps! Haha

That's really about it people. I love Tarragona, I love my companion,
but more importantly, i love you!

Have a lovely week,
Elder Beck

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Week of rollercoasters.... minus the Amusement Park

HEEEEEELLLLLLOOOOOOOO world!! Your boy Elder Beck coming at you for
the land of Tarragona! Well, this week has been the craziest week of
my mission, and it all began with a funeral....

So, this week my companion Elder Ramirez died.  It literally, but he
died on the mission (for those of you who still don't get it, he went
home). So this week he said goodbye to the members, and we went to the
office on Sunday! We stayed the night there, and then I left for
another area. It was tough to say goodbye. I know that one day I will
definitely see him again. He was a fantastic missionary, and I learned
a ton from him. My knee companion is Elder Christensen, and I can
already tell we are going to have a great time!

So this is where the rollercoaster comes in. As we were preparing to
leave on Sunday, I got a call from President where he informed me that
my mom has cancer. It's breast cancer, and she will have to go through
6 months of chemo to fight it. When I got the news I was honestly
shocked. It  was like, wow, my mom has cancer. However, at the same
time I had this overwhelming sense of peace I know that God has a plan
for us, and that sometimes we need to go through tough things in this
life. It's a part of this time. I also know that if for some reason my
mom passed on before the end of my mission, that most undoubtedly I
would see her again. This life is short, and I know that there is more
after. I know that to be true. I have confidence that God exists! He
is so merciful, and I will always be grateful for this knowledge.

I love you so much, and I hope that you can find the answered that I
have felt are true. Have a wonderful week!

Elder Beck