Monday, February 27, 2017

Elevators, swearing Africans, and sea Cliffs

This week was fantastic. Funny story super quick. We all went to
Barcelona for a few days for a zone conference, and so 11 elders
stayed in one piso. There were 7 of us at a time, and the elevator got
stuck. We stayed in there a long time! It was hot and clammy. Let's
just say I have pity for the people who love in the Sahara desert,
cause that's how it felt for us. Thanks to the willpower of man
though, we were able to make it out!

Another highlight includes our incredible African investigators that
are getting baptized this week. The funniest thing is that our swear
word aren't swear words for them. So sometimes we will be in a super
spiritual moment, and out of nowhere they just "swear" and it is so
funny. During of the lessons my companion and I lost it. It's just so
funny to see them do it! Nigerian people are literally my favorite
people in the world.

For preparation day we got to go to some cliffs right in the sea. It's
one of the few advantages of living in paradise! The weather was
really nice as well, so to just sit and take in the sun was such a
good time. I'll send pics.

The truth is our area is doing so well. We are teaching so many
prepared people, and it just gets better and better every single week.
I love mission life, and the time flys by faster and faster every
single day. I am so grateful for this time.

I love you all. I want to share my testimony with you that I know the
Book of Mormon is true, and that I have seen it change lives. It
changed mine, and I know that it is the word of God like the Bible.
Please read it. If you just take 5 minutes a day and pray about it,
you are going to feel something so incredible. It will bless you in so
many ways.

Have and fantastic week and love,
Elder Beck

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