Monday, February 13, 2017

The Most Successful Week EVER

This week was absolutely incredible. Elder Christensen is absolutely
amazing! I am so glad that I have the opportunity to be companions
with him! This week has been nothing short of a miracle.

First, we are baptizing one, maybe two people. The one is for sure is
Marvis, a Nigerian man that we found on the street! He is so happy,
and he told us that he feels like his soul is free now! It has been
the most incredible time teaching him!!

The other we have is Oscar. He is 15 years old, and super prepared as
well. He goes to seminary and everything! The only thing is that he
needs permission from his mom, and she isn't giving it! It has been
something we have been trying to work through, but really we have seen
a ton of improvement! We are hoping to get the permission this week!

We also have a two more scheduled, and we are only finding more and  more!!

Sooo, this preparation day we went to the mountains to go hiking with
members and it was a blast! It rained a ton, but we had a great time!!

For the ward talent show we did a rap in Spanish, and the word loved
it! It was absolutely hilarious. They loved it so much that they asked
us to do it again. We struck gold with it! Elder Christensen is an
animal writing raps! Haha

That's really about it people. I love Tarragona, I love my companion,
but more importantly, i love you!

Have a lovely week,
Elder Beck

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