Monday, February 20, 2017

You would not believe this day!

Basically I had the absolute most insane Sunday in the world!!!!! Let
me explain...

So I woke up so an annoying pain in my foot which made it so I had to
basically limp around until it loosened up a little. I hurt it in
sports on Saturday. Also, we had a baptism that day so I was extra
anxious to be going 100 percent! Anyway, we get to church and it
finally feels a little better. As we are sitting there with our future
convert Marvis (from Nigeria) he gets up to tell us he invited a whole
African family to come to the service! All of a sudden they are there,
so that was a huge miracle! Then, our ward mission leader came up to
us and told us to do a class in English on the fly. We grabbed some
return missionaries who can speak English and threw them in a class
room, then ran downstairs to finish filling the font for the baptism.
Then we run back up, had the rest of the classes, and begin preparing
for the baptism! Everything went super well after that, and we had a
great baptism! But we are only getting started....

Later in that day we are coming down the stairs of a person who we
just finished a terrible, bible bashing lesson with another man from
Africa. As we are coming down the stairs a man runs out of his
apartment and tells us to come inside. Now look, I don't usually get
afraid of people, or for that matter houses, and neither does my
companion, but as we entered the door the spirit hit me sooo strong,
telling us both that we can't go in. As I looked in I could see a
television, and it was all dark. He kept telling us to come in, but we
persisted in saying no. It was like I was getting punched in the
stomach the spirit was so strong. We ended up leaving, and I will
never know what was inside that house.

There was definitely divine intervention on that one, and for at I am
grateful. Just another testimony builder that the power of the Holy
Ghost is real.

I really am so grateful to be on this mission! What a ride it has
been!! Keep climbing people!!

Elder Beck

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