Monday, March 27, 2017


There are absolutely no words to describe this place. So as many of
you know We are opening this area, which means that we really don't
have anything. So this week we spent a lot of time in the streets
contacting people and visiting people's houses who had been
investigating the church before. However, we have seen the biggest
miracle ever.

On the the Tuesday night that we got here we contacted for about three
hours. It was 9:59, literally one minute before we go home, and we
decided to talk to two more people. We stopped to 20 year old girls,
and hey turned out to be Muslim. They aren't believing though, and
they definitely don't practice their religion. We set an appointment
for the next day, and they seemed interested. The next day we met in
the park to talk about them, and proceeded to have one of the best
lessons ever. We invited them to pray and read the Book of Mormon, and
they did. The next day, we met with only one of the sisters, Mona. We
taught her about Jesus Christ, and invited her to be baptized. She
accepted, and she is getting baptized tomorrow before she goes back to
France!!! It is the biggest miracle. There are no words to describe
how grateful and happy we are. Sara, the other sister, is going to be
baptized on the 15th of April. I've never seen someone come to know
Christ so fast.

For this preparation day we went to an abandoned castle that was crazy
fun. We climbed a super old trail and entered the castle through a
hole in the wall. Basically one of the best adventures that I have
ever had. It was a blast.

My companion is great, and I love the other Elders in our apartment.
We have had a great time!

Love you all, que tengan una semana genial!!

Os Quiero,
Elder Beck

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Bombs and Opening Areas!!!!!!!!

HEEEEELLLLLLLOOOOOO WORLD! This Elder Beck coming to you live from
CASTELLÓN! This is my second area of the mission. My new companion
Elder Reddish and I are opening this area. For those of you who don't
understand, opening an area means that we are both new, and we
basically start from scratch with everything. It is going to be an
absolute wild adventure.

Elder Reddish is incredible. He's an amazing runner from California
who basically does it all. He has scholarships for basketball and
running, surfed everyday, and is probably the most athletic person I
have ever met. He only has three months left on the mission, which
means I will kill him, just like Elder Ramirez.

Castellón is a beautiful area, with lots to do. It's bigger than
Tarragona, and right next to the sea. It's funny, because right now
they are in the middle of a week long party that they only celebrate
in Castellón. I mean, I know people loved the missionaries, but I
didn't know they loved us that much! Throwing a huge party for us is a
great honor.

Soooooooooo, it was sad to leave Tarragona. I love the people there so
much, but the good thing is that I know I will see them again. We get
fed an absolute ton. Like literally, a ton. KFC, African food,
Ecuadorian food, and pizza...... I wanted to die. But now we are on
the mend so it's all good!

Love you all! Have an absolutely wonderful week!

Elder Beck

Tarragona, Tarragona, Tarragona

Monday, March 13, 2017

The End Has Come

Weeeeelllllllllllll, This is nothing short of a sad week. This will be the last week I will have in Tarragona. It has been the most incredible most six months. I have learned and grown SOO MUCH! The people here are amazing, and I love them so much. It is going to be super sad to leave them, but I know it most certainly won´t be the last time. 

This week was yet another week of miracles. We witnessed the baptism of both Loveth and Oscar. Loveth (the wife of Sunday) was baptized without problems. She is a great example of inviting others. Josefina, who is not a member, came to both her baptismal service, and her confirmation on Sunday. She is the wife of Marvis, and we have high hopes that she will be entering the waters of baptism soon. 

Oscar had a lot of problems. We learned that his Grandma was stiffly opposed to him being baptized, which almost made it not happen. When he was in the middle of his interview she was about to barge in and interrupt it, but Elder Cullimore kindly told her no. We then proceeded to talk to her for 30 minutes about this, but because she is a little lost she refused to change her mind. Then as they left, Oscar came running back and told us that she gave her permission. It was a beautiful service were I shed a few tears. It was nothing short of a miracle.

Truth is, mission life is the best! I LOVE SPAIN!! 

Other highlights include eating wonderful chicken parts that really should not be eaten. Not going to go into more detail, but just know that African food is by far the weirdest food on earth! 

Love you all, and eat more African Food, 

Elder Beck

Monday, March 6, 2017

Baptism, Biking, and Barcelona

Buenas Dias a todos!! Soy Elder Beck, y aquí es mi correo por la semana.....

We had the blessed opportunity to have another two baptisms this
weeek! Our two African friends, Steve and Sunday, were both baptized
this Saturday. Honestly, I have never been so happy in my life. When
you work so hard to see someone take this step, and the Lord provides
a way, it's truly incredible!! Steve overcame a lot of problems to be
baptized, and now is finally here.

The work has been going incredible. Miracle after miracle this
transfer, nothing less. I am so sad that I have to leave Tarragona in
two weeks. This place has a very special place in my heart. The
people, the streets, the culture... all of it. It's going to be a
tough goodbye!

For preparation day this week we went to Barcelona and biked around
the city. We almost died at least three times from killer taxis and
motorcycles. I haven't a good adrenaline rush in awhile, so it ended
up being really good! I have officially come to the realization that
we live in paradise here. It was a super nice 65 degrees, and we are
enjoying this spring weather. The days are better and better. There
are no words for how beautiful it is here!

I have loved this time! It has truly been such a blessing. On behalf
of my mom I would love to say thanks for all of the sweet support that
you have given her. It's such a blessing to be able to k ow at my
family is all good back in the good'ol Ohio!

I love you so much! Have a fantastic week!

Elder Beck