Monday, March 27, 2017


There are absolutely no words to describe this place. So as many of
you know We are opening this area, which means that we really don't
have anything. So this week we spent a lot of time in the streets
contacting people and visiting people's houses who had been
investigating the church before. However, we have seen the biggest
miracle ever.

On the the Tuesday night that we got here we contacted for about three
hours. It was 9:59, literally one minute before we go home, and we
decided to talk to two more people. We stopped to 20 year old girls,
and hey turned out to be Muslim. They aren't believing though, and
they definitely don't practice their religion. We set an appointment
for the next day, and they seemed interested. The next day we met in
the park to talk about them, and proceeded to have one of the best
lessons ever. We invited them to pray and read the Book of Mormon, and
they did. The next day, we met with only one of the sisters, Mona. We
taught her about Jesus Christ, and invited her to be baptized. She
accepted, and she is getting baptized tomorrow before she goes back to
France!!! It is the biggest miracle. There are no words to describe
how grateful and happy we are. Sara, the other sister, is going to be
baptized on the 15th of April. I've never seen someone come to know
Christ so fast.

For this preparation day we went to an abandoned castle that was crazy
fun. We climbed a super old trail and entered the castle through a
hole in the wall. Basically one of the best adventures that I have
ever had. It was a blast.

My companion is great, and I love the other Elders in our apartment.
We have had a great time!

Love you all, que tengan una semana genial!!

Os Quiero,
Elder Beck

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