Monday, March 13, 2017

The End Has Come

Weeeeelllllllllllll, This is nothing short of a sad week. This will be the last week I will have in Tarragona. It has been the most incredible most six months. I have learned and grown SOO MUCH! The people here are amazing, and I love them so much. It is going to be super sad to leave them, but I know it most certainly won´t be the last time. 

This week was yet another week of miracles. We witnessed the baptism of both Loveth and Oscar. Loveth (the wife of Sunday) was baptized without problems. She is a great example of inviting others. Josefina, who is not a member, came to both her baptismal service, and her confirmation on Sunday. She is the wife of Marvis, and we have high hopes that she will be entering the waters of baptism soon. 

Oscar had a lot of problems. We learned that his Grandma was stiffly opposed to him being baptized, which almost made it not happen. When he was in the middle of his interview she was about to barge in and interrupt it, but Elder Cullimore kindly told her no. We then proceeded to talk to her for 30 minutes about this, but because she is a little lost she refused to change her mind. Then as they left, Oscar came running back and told us that she gave her permission. It was a beautiful service were I shed a few tears. It was nothing short of a miracle.

Truth is, mission life is the best! I LOVE SPAIN!! 

Other highlights include eating wonderful chicken parts that really should not be eaten. Not going to go into more detail, but just know that African food is by far the weirdest food on earth! 

Love you all, and eat more African Food, 

Elder Beck

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