Tuesday, April 25, 2017

I HATE Hospitals......

Alright, so this week was good. We had a lot of fun meeting with the
people that we have been finding in the street and such. I feel like
the miracles just keep coming and coming and coming.

This preparation was filled with excitement. We went bike riding to
the most amazing sea cave. We weren't looking for it, but we found it
off the side of the trail. It was probably one of the most beautiful
spots I have ever been to. I LOVE SPAIN ­č笭čçŞ

We had a fantastic opportunity to eat with a professional singer from
the Dominican Republic. We got to sing with his professional
equipment, and it was so fun! He lived in New York for 45 years, and
plays basketball like a baller.

What else, what else..... One of the Elders in our group ended having
to go the hospital for a problem, and I had to go with him. We were
there for like 6 hours sitting in the most uncomfortable chair. Not
fun, but we were able to have some super fun conversations with some
people. In the end the other Elder is fine, which is super lucky.

This week we also attended a zone conference which was so amazing. I
loved hearing the inspired words of our President. He spoke about
Joseph Smith. He sacrificed so much for gospel. He suffered beatings,
being tarred and feathered, being poisoned, kicked out of his home,
prison in the dead of winter, and so so much more. Yet, despite of all
of that, he never, no not ever, denied the validity of the Book of
Mormon, nor of the work which he had been called to do. He sealed his
work with his blood. He knew what he was doing, and he never denied
it. Praise to the man who truly saw God the Father and His Son Jesus

I know what we teach is true. I know God and lives, and I know that it
is the only way we can all be happy in this life.

With love,
Elder Beck

Monday, April 17, 2017

Cliff side Castles

This week was sooo great as usual. Honestly, it was pretty low key in
the majority of the week. A lot of talking to people in the street and
passing by people who the missionaries have met with before.

We ended up getting tired of doing the same thing for a day and we
decided to take on some people in basketball. I'm not bad, and my
companion is amazing at basketball, so we destroyed some Spanish
people who only play soccer. We started coming back to keep working
with certain people. We found an amazing couple who we are visiting
tonight from it. He played for the Yankees, is from the Dominican
Republic, and sings really well. It is super fun to meet people like

A crazy experience that happened was we went to go visit a woman from
Romania who was in the hospital. One of the members sent us there to
go and talk with her. However, right when we got there the doctors
were wheeling her out for surgery, and her family was all there
sobbing. It was a surprise surgery, and so it was a pretty intense
situation. I've never felt so awkward and out of place in my entire
life. We ended up staying and saying a pray with the mom to comfort
her. It was definitely a moment in which the Lord send us to help
people who needed to feel His comfort and peace.

Easter was this weekend, and I could not be more grateful to be a
missionary during this time. My testimony of this sacrifice of the
Savior has grown immensely during my time as a missionary. I can feel
His forgiveness, peace, support, and love every single day out here in
the field. There truly is nothing better. We are so blessed to be able
to show people the importance of His sacrifice, and the importance of
the Restoration of the gospel with it.

To finish off, for preparation day we went to some sea side cliffs
where there was some towers. It was super beautiful. I love SPAIN!!!!
It is so fun to see all of the old things.

Well, that's a rap, have a smashing week!!

Love you all,
Elder Beck

Monday, April 10, 2017

Things are heating up

This week was great. We spent a lot of time passing by old investigators and contacting. We found a lot of great people, and I feel like things are starting to build up. As we start having more visits our area will steadily begin to improve. 

We we fortunate enough to see a huge miracle. Elder Moon and Elder Ricks (the other missionaries in Castell├│n) contacted two older Spanish ladies and set a visit with them. They seemed really interested, which I would say is uncommon among older Spanish people. They shared the Book of Mormon, and they promised to read it. When we showed up to meet with them they had brought a friend, and one of the ladies had read up to 1 Nephi 15. We shared the first lesson, and all three committed to a baptism date for the 7 of May. It was a huge blessing. I feel like the Lord just keeps providing and providing and providing. They said that they would also come to ward activity this Saturday. We are getting so blessed with incredible investigators! 

As I have read over the talks from this past general conference. I don't care if you are a member of the church or not, these inspired words can really bless and help you. You can find all of them on LDS.org! I invite all of you to read or watch the conferences. It is super great. I know I feel like I have grown a ton just from hearing them one time. 

For preparation day this week we went down to Valencia and played soccer with a ton of Elders from the zone. It was such a blast. For all of you who didn't know my companion is an incredible athlete. He has scholarships for track and basketball, and is probably the most athletic person I have ever met. He goes out there and makes everyone else look really bad a soccer, and it's funny. He's a baller! 

That's about it. The week was good, I'm good, companion is great, the gospel is amazing, and Jesus Christ is the best. Keep killing it out there people! Love you all! 

Elder Beck 

Monday, April 3, 2017

Sunrises and New Beginnings

This is Elder Beck coming to you from Castell├│n, the city of old
streets, crazy parties, and mountains within walking distance.
Absolutely an incredible week world!

This week we witnessed the baptism of Mouna. She took a huge step. She
went from not believing in God to accepting Jesus Christ as her
Savior. It is so incredible to see the miracles that Lord performs.
Our President truly is inspired of God. The work of the Lord is real.
I have the greatest blessing of being here as a missionary. These two
years are nothing short of life changing.

The work is going great. We spend a lot of time in the streets talking
to a ton of people. It is amazing to hear so many different stories,
backgrounds, hardships, and joys. People are incredible.

We also got to watch General Conference this weekend. I have never
been so happy to watch. The messages were so inspired, the Spirit so
strong, and the testimonies so real. The twelve apostles are prophets
of God. They know what we need. If everybody in the world told me they
weren't prophets, I would still follow them, because I have a received
a witness of the spirit. It is such a blessing.

Finally,'this morning we woke up at 4:40 in the morning to hike about
6 miles to watch the sunrise from the mountains that are near by. It
was so cold when we got to the top,  it the view was so worth it. The
mission is honestly the best.

Have a wonderful week people. I truly love you all, and if you ever
need anything I am just an email away. Peace out ✌️

Elder Beck