Monday, May 29, 2017

It's starting to heat up.......

Sooo summer is now officially beginning. Being outside in the hot sun
is pretty crazy. We shower twice a day now, and the older Elders tell
me it can get up to three times in the summer. It has gotten a little
warm in our apartment so my new best friend is now named the fan.....
he keeps me cool and dry, and he is very loyal. I love him!

This week absolutely flew by. We ended up being in Valencia for three
days for Zone Conference and interviews with President. I absolutely
love the conferences. Elder Reddish and I got to teach about the power
of testimony which was fun as well. I don't know why, but I enjoy
teaching in front of groups of people. I just get excited every time
it happens. I love feeling the Spirit guide us with what we need to
say. Interviews were also a blast. President Dayton is such a powerful
man. He just has this spirit about him, and it just radiates every
time you are around him. We see so lucky to have him.

Fabricio and Clotilde are our main investigators, each with their own
set of difficulties. Fabricio has had problems with a member who he
has been dating, so that has pushed his baptism date a week. Clotilde
is progressing, but still is lacking the courage to make the right
decision. We have seen thought that as she has progressed she has
changed. The Book of Mormon truly has power to change people!

Preparation day was good! We went to a smaller castle in a tiny town
called Onda. I just love how they let us explore and climb around on
all the walls. Spain is the best for that. We also celebrated Elder
Reddish going home soon, so we went to the Fitzgerald. It's an
American burger company with great milkshakes. I haven't had good
American food in a long time!

Things are wonderful! The work continues to progress here! I love
Spain, and I love the people. We have the best food from every part of
the world. We meet people from everywhere every day. I feel like just
learning about so manly cultures and people is a blessing by itself.
Even more, we get to be doing the work of the Lord!

Love you all! Hope you all stay frosty during these sizzling summer months!

Elder Beck

Photos from the castle

Monday, May 22, 2017

Tiny Towns..................🏰

This week is been super good we have been having a blast here and
Castellón. Right now we are sitting in a beautiful café enjoying some
Frank Sinatra and a decent chocolate muffin. I hope everyone has had a
fantastic week, and it looks like a ton of people are now done with
school so congrats.

Week has been super nice as far as weather goes. You have enjoyed
playing a lot of sports as a matter of finding people. For example, we
went to a nice tennis club in the mountains to play with an
investigator who invited us and it was super fun. We also found a good
group of people playing basketball and we decide to put the hurt on.
It does help that my companion is an amazing player. We are now famous
here for being the two kids in shirts and ties who rail in basketball.
People have started recognizing us, and it has been a great tool to
find people to teach.

This week I also had the wonderful opportunity to go to a tiny town
called Teruel. It is a super secluded town in the mountains. After a
horrible bus ride we end up in a tiny, beautiful castle like town
that's famous for their Jamón. That was a blast walking and talking to
people on those streets.

We also had two fantastic moments especially. On Thursday we had
basically two make or break it lessons with our main investigators
Clotilde and Fabricio. They both went incredibly well. Fabrico's ended
up being a for sure baptism date. He has a testimony of the Book of
the Mormon, and he will get baptized on the 3rd of June. He is really
prepared. I just love his so desires to communicate with God. He prays
all the time. He even talked about serving a mission.

I know that God lives. He is our Heavenly Father, and He loves you
more than you can even imagine! I hope you will take a moment to
reflect on that this week! I love you!

Elder Beck

Monday, May 15, 2017

Family, Friends, and TEÑÍS

This week, not gonna lie, was pretty normal. All except for one
duper fun. The other Elders got him a fat Jamón leg. That was crazy!
It is a thing they have here in Spain. You're going to have to look it
up to see it.

 We have started to build a lot of relationships with the members, and
for that we have begun to see a flow of people who want to share the
gospel with their friends. One of the members boyfriends is named
Hector. He came to a Noche de Hogar we had decided to fast after
seeing the video Hope of Gods Light. In the story the man fasts to
know if a God exists, and Hector has done the same thing. We know he
is going to receive an answer.

I talked to the family yesterday, and that was really amazing. I
always love seeing how much they have grown and changed, and yet how
in so many ways they are still the same! Clara and the little boys
have gotten so  much bigger.

Quick language update. With Spanish I feel like I have improved a ton
with Elder Reddish. Before I could communicate myself, but now I feel
like all the little errors I have are beginning to correct themselves.
That has been a huge boost in confidence with Spanish. It's really fun
being a missionary because we speak a mixed dialect of English and
Spanish that only someone who speaks both languages would understand.

Other than that, the time is winding down for Elder Reddish. 4 weeks
left before he is back I'm California!

For preparation day we played tennis which was super fun. It was so
good to get back in the grind again!

I know this church is the church of Jesus Christ. I know the Book of
Mormon. Please read it. It is the most important thing you could do
right now.

Love you all,

Elder Beck

Monday, May 8, 2017

Oh how the time flys....

Honestly, as I wake up every morning it's like the days don't even
exist. We start the week, and then all of a sudden it's Friday. Time
flys so fast on the mission. It is insane. The experiences that I had
in Tarragona feel like a dream, even though it was only two months
ago. Time just does not stop!

This week has been good. Nothing crazy happened, which was a great
thing. We did have one experience that was super incredible!

We did have a fantastic experience with some members this week. We
have tried to pass by Jean Carlos and Luisa quite a bit, but they have
never allowed us to come in. On Saturday we didn't have much in the
afternoon, and so we contacted while doing pass bys. As we neared The
house of Jean Carlos we felt prompted to go there. As we arrived we
tried to  They didn't answer, and so we were about to leave when the
door flew open, and both Jean Carlos and Luisa were standing there. It
was such a miracle to get to know them. The next day, Luisa came back
to church. It was such a blessing to be a part of that miracle. I
testify that the Lord works through us. It exists. We would not be
able to do this work without His hand. The Church is true people!!!

This week for preparation day we went to a cathedral and a giant bell
tower. I never get tired of the quiet tucked away streets that make
Europe and Spain what it is. They truly have the most beautiful
architecture here!

Love you all, keep working, and make it count!

Elder Beck

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

HUGE Castles and lots and lots of sleep

Weeelllll, this week was very, very slow to say the least. My
companion did not feel well the majority of the week, so we had to
take a lot of time in piso. I tried to do productive things, but after
however many days it starts to just get boring. The General
Authorities were really smart in making it super boring to stay in the
apartment, because it truly was very boring.

However, by the end of the week my companion was back in the swing of
the things and we were able to leave and work a little bit. We had a
crazy experience with a Romanian man who we were meeting with. He told
us to come by for dinner, and so when we got there he was waiting
outside. He told us we were going out to eat because his wife wasn't
him. To make a super long story short, we got in the van, drove to see
all his friends, tried to go to 2 different restaurant that were
closed, and sped on the highway way to fast. Needless to say, when we
got out of the car, I was glad to be alive.

Besides that there wasn't much new. We did go to a super fun castle
today. It was big, and there were no gates or signs, so we basically
explored all around, walking on the rocks and the walls. It was a
fantastic adventure. Afterwards we looked around the beautiful little
town below it. Cobblestone streets and the most incredible buildings
lined the walkways. It was well worth the trip.

The mission is absolutely the best. I learn so much every single day.
I am so grateful for the opportunity to be out here serving the Lord.
Hope everyone thing is going absolutely fantastic with everyone.
Sending lots of love!

Elder Beck