Monday, May 15, 2017

Family, Friends, and TEÑÍS

This week, not gonna lie, was pretty normal. All except for one
duper fun. The other Elders got him a fat Jamón leg. That was crazy!
It is a thing they have here in Spain. You're going to have to look it
up to see it.

 We have started to build a lot of relationships with the members, and
for that we have begun to see a flow of people who want to share the
gospel with their friends. One of the members boyfriends is named
Hector. He came to a Noche de Hogar we had decided to fast after
seeing the video Hope of Gods Light. In the story the man fasts to
know if a God exists, and Hector has done the same thing. We know he
is going to receive an answer.

I talked to the family yesterday, and that was really amazing. I
always love seeing how much they have grown and changed, and yet how
in so many ways they are still the same! Clara and the little boys
have gotten so  much bigger.

Quick language update. With Spanish I feel like I have improved a ton
with Elder Reddish. Before I could communicate myself, but now I feel
like all the little errors I have are beginning to correct themselves.
That has been a huge boost in confidence with Spanish. It's really fun
being a missionary because we speak a mixed dialect of English and
Spanish that only someone who speaks both languages would understand.

Other than that, the time is winding down for Elder Reddish. 4 weeks
left before he is back I'm California!

For preparation day we played tennis which was super fun. It was so
good to get back in the grind again!

I know this church is the church of Jesus Christ. I know the Book of
Mormon. Please read it. It is the most important thing you could do
right now.

Love you all,

Elder Beck

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