Tuesday, May 2, 2017

HUGE Castles and lots and lots of sleep

Weeelllll, this week was very, very slow to say the least. My
companion did not feel well the majority of the week, so we had to
take a lot of time in piso. I tried to do productive things, but after
however many days it starts to just get boring. The General
Authorities were really smart in making it super boring to stay in the
apartment, because it truly was very boring.

However, by the end of the week my companion was back in the swing of
the things and we were able to leave and work a little bit. We had a
crazy experience with a Romanian man who we were meeting with. He told
us to come by for dinner, and so when we got there he was waiting
outside. He told us we were going out to eat because his wife wasn't
him. To make a super long story short, we got in the van, drove to see
all his friends, tried to go to 2 different restaurant that were
closed, and sped on the highway way to fast. Needless to say, when we
got out of the car, I was glad to be alive.

Besides that there wasn't much new. We did go to a super fun castle
today. It was big, and there were no gates or signs, so we basically
explored all around, walking on the rocks and the walls. It was a
fantastic adventure. Afterwards we looked around the beautiful little
town below it. Cobblestone streets and the most incredible buildings
lined the walkways. It was well worth the trip.

The mission is absolutely the best. I learn so much every single day.
I am so grateful for the opportunity to be out here serving the Lord.
Hope everyone thing is going absolutely fantastic with everyone.
Sending lots of love!

Elder Beck

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