Monday, May 29, 2017

It's starting to heat up.......

Sooo summer is now officially beginning. Being outside in the hot sun
is pretty crazy. We shower twice a day now, and the older Elders tell
me it can get up to three times in the summer. It has gotten a little
warm in our apartment so my new best friend is now named the fan.....
he keeps me cool and dry, and he is very loyal. I love him!

This week absolutely flew by. We ended up being in Valencia for three
days for Zone Conference and interviews with President. I absolutely
love the conferences. Elder Reddish and I got to teach about the power
of testimony which was fun as well. I don't know why, but I enjoy
teaching in front of groups of people. I just get excited every time
it happens. I love feeling the Spirit guide us with what we need to
say. Interviews were also a blast. President Dayton is such a powerful
man. He just has this spirit about him, and it just radiates every
time you are around him. We see so lucky to have him.

Fabricio and Clotilde are our main investigators, each with their own
set of difficulties. Fabricio has had problems with a member who he
has been dating, so that has pushed his baptism date a week. Clotilde
is progressing, but still is lacking the courage to make the right
decision. We have seen thought that as she has progressed she has
changed. The Book of Mormon truly has power to change people!

Preparation day was good! We went to a smaller castle in a tiny town
called Onda. I just love how they let us explore and climb around on
all the walls. Spain is the best for that. We also celebrated Elder
Reddish going home soon, so we went to the Fitzgerald. It's an
American burger company with great milkshakes. I haven't had good
American food in a long time!

Things are wonderful! The work continues to progress here! I love
Spain, and I love the people. We have the best food from every part of
the world. We meet people from everywhere every day. I feel like just
learning about so manly cultures and people is a blessing by itself.
Even more, we get to be doing the work of the Lord!

Love you all! Hope you all stay frosty during these sizzling summer months!

Elder Beck

Photos from the castle

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