Monday, May 8, 2017

Oh how the time flys....

Honestly, as I wake up every morning it's like the days don't even
exist. We start the week, and then all of a sudden it's Friday. Time
flys so fast on the mission. It is insane. The experiences that I had
in Tarragona feel like a dream, even though it was only two months
ago. Time just does not stop!

This week has been good. Nothing crazy happened, which was a great
thing. We did have one experience that was super incredible!

We did have a fantastic experience with some members this week. We
have tried to pass by Jean Carlos and Luisa quite a bit, but they have
never allowed us to come in. On Saturday we didn't have much in the
afternoon, and so we contacted while doing pass bys. As we neared The
house of Jean Carlos we felt prompted to go there. As we arrived we
tried to  They didn't answer, and so we were about to leave when the
door flew open, and both Jean Carlos and Luisa were standing there. It
was such a miracle to get to know them. The next day, Luisa came back
to church. It was such a blessing to be a part of that miracle. I
testify that the Lord works through us. It exists. We would not be
able to do this work without His hand. The Church is true people!!!

This week for preparation day we went to a cathedral and a giant bell
tower. I never get tired of the quiet tucked away streets that make
Europe and Spain what it is. They truly have the most beautiful
architecture here!

Love you all, keep working, and make it count!

Elder Beck

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