Monday, June 26, 2017

I'm out of ideas folks.....

I honestly have no idea how I should start this email. This week was
pretty normal. Not gonna lie, sometimes the weeks just blend together.
I go to bed on Monday and then all of a sudden I wake up and it's
Monday again. The time just goes and goes on the mission. It's a sad
thing sometimes to think about, but at the same time it helps me
always keep the motivation to make these days count!

There was this week a very special experience. Late Saturday night
Elder Jones and I were talking with people in the street, and we had
been doing it for about 3 hours. As we walked down the street I looked
across the street and had the distinct impression that we needed to
talk to her. At first I didn't know if I should do it, but I also know
that following impressions as missionaries is extremely important. We
followed her to where she was and stopped to talk with her. As the
conversation went along I didn't notice anything special about her, so
I thought maybe it was just a thought I had. Then, 3 of her friends
came around the corner. One was her age (30's), and the others were
younger. As the conversation proceeded We learned that one of the
young girls was baptized 3 months ago in Argentina. She didn't know
where the church was, and we were able to get her information and talk
about visiting her. As we walked away I was blown away. The Lord knows
His children, and He is always here helping them along the way. I'm
grateful that He used two hot, tired missionaries to help. We are so
blessed to be a part of this work and see those miracles. God exists.
Miracles are not coincidences, plain and simple. I know this work is
real. I see it week after week after week. Please read about this
church. It will change you forever. I know because it has changed me.

On Saturday we also enjoyed an amazing Paella from one of the Spanish
members in the ward here. It was so good. I love paella. It is one of
the best Spanish dishes.

I'm going to keep it short this week. Everyday is a hot, humid
adventure here in Spain. I learn everyday from the people, and this
experience has changed my life. What a blessing to be here!

Love you all! Keep writing! I want to here all about the adventures in
your lives!

Elder Beck
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Monday, June 19, 2017

Change, Change, Change . . .

Well, this week was crazy different. Lots and lots of Spain heat,
talking with people, and getting to know the area. With the change of
the companions the areas (where we work) are changing again. I feel
like I am opening up an area again, but it is a great feeling to know
that if we work hard the blessings come.

Elder Jones is the complete opposite of Elder Reddish. Elder Reddish
was the calm, collected super athlete, while Elder Jones is absolutely
hilarious. We laugh together so much in the streets. He is a diligent
worker, and just overall a great companion.

One sad thing is that we had to say goodbye to one of our friends
named Christian. He is a young kid who was going to sign to play with
Madrid in soccer. Right before he signed he blew out his knee, and so
he couldn't play. He was doing really well, but in the end he is
moving to France. I was a little sad to see him go. We will definitely
keep in contact though.

Fabricio decided to start meeting with us again, and that made me
super happy! He is progressing towards baptism once again. What a
blessing it is to see that!

Not much else. It was a fast week, and the time just does not slow
down! I hope you are all loving life. Enjoy the little things. If
there is one the thing while I have learned here is that you have to
take advantage of the little moments!

Love you all,
Elder Beck

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Death and Change

(Funeral Music).................. Well ladies and gentlemen..... It is
official...... Elder Colton Mark Reddish has officially finished his
mission. His time as a missionary has ended. What a companion he has
been. Together we have survived giant geckos, crazy hospitals,
crumbling castles, heat, cold, wind, bike crashes, sea caves and so,
so much more. It is the end of an era. Here's to you Elder Reddish,
the missionary who left a big impact on my life! His death (as a
missionary) will not be soon forgotten. Love you chump!

Anyway, enough with the soppy stuff. This week was absolutely wild. We
did so much in preparing for the departure of both Elder Reddish and
Elder Moon (another Elder in the apartment). We had a fantastic week
visiting people and saying goodbye. It was super great to finish off
the transfer strong.

In the end Fabricio didn't end up getting baptized. He wasn't able to
meet the problems that came with it, and so we are still working with
him! Super sad though that Elder Reddish wasn't able to see him make
that decision.

Two quick updates. So one, we found that gecko, yea, the one from last
week, in our bedroom!!! This time we were able to trap it and set it
free into the wild (AKA our balcony). That was fun. Then, on
Wednesday, after a giant food visit with one person, we went to
another persons house to eat fufu. Fufu is an African food that is
insane. Just look it up if you want to know. That was absolutely
terrible. Both and Elder Reddish and I threw up afterwards. Not fun!

My new companion is Elder Jones. He is a fun kid from Idaho. He is
younger than me, so we are having an absolute blast out here. The new
companion of Elder Ricks is Elder Tobias from Brazil. He is an actor,
and actually was famous back in Brazil. Who knew. Haha

Love you all! Have a great week!

Elder Beck

Preparation day, ocean rocks, and last day at sports!

Monday, June 5, 2017

Scooter Parties, Geckos, and Sad moments

Good evening ladies and gentlemen! This is yet another weekly update
from yours truly Elder Beck. This week has been so full I don't know
where to begin.

First, on our way to sports on Saturday we came across a giant Vespa
(scooter) group! They were riding all through Castellón to celebrate
who knows what! It was super funny just to come across the group! We
saw some very interesting scooters. People are very creative with
their stuff. Haha

On Friday night we had the kitchen door open to let in some air.
Normally it's fine, but then it all went south. We looked over and
found a gecko in our house! That was hilarious. We tried to get it
out, but it ended up jumping into the heater on the wall. So of course
the only logical thing to do was to try and flood him out. We grabbed
water and tried, but it didn't work. After that we tried to stick
knives down to knock him off, but that didn't work either. By this
time we had to go to bed, so we shut the door and left the screen
open.  When we woke up, we didn't see the gecko. Who knows where he is

As far as updates with the people we are teaching, they are all
progressing well! They each have their things, but as we teach by the
spirit and they do their part we begin to see miracles! I have loved
Castellón because it has given us very unique challenges!

One of my favorite investigators is Jesus. He is a man with tear drop
tattoos, and has been in prison a lot. He has suffered so much, and is
so humble and willing  to accept the gospel. I feel so much love for
him every time we teach him! It is such a blessing to be a missionary.

Now on to the sad moments. This week three of my companions good
friends passed away in a car accident. It was at first numbing to see,
and then the sadness hit! Elder Reddish was sad, yet it was not
despair, because he knows that there is more after this life. If he
didn't, it would be a crippling weight. There is a place prepared for
those who die. If you don't believe, it doesn't matter, because it is
true. Every person at some point in their lives needs that knowledge.
It's not a belief.... it is knowledge given through the power of God.
I know that Jesus Christ suffered the pains that we suffer. I know He
felt it. Every feeling of guilt, pain, remorse, sorrow, and despair.
It was so much to bear, that blood came from every pore of His body.
He didn't have to suffer, but He chose to, because He loves us. Their
is someone out there who loves you with a perfect love! I know that
beyond a shadow of a doubt, because there have been times in my life
when I felt alone, hurt, guilty, sad, and weak. Yet in that moment
when I asked Him, He took away that pain. He has the power to do it.
All we need to do is seek Him.

I love you all, and I hope and pray with all my heart that you will
search Him, because it will change your life. He changed mine.

Elder Beck