Monday, June 5, 2017

Scooter Parties, Geckos, and Sad moments

Good evening ladies and gentlemen! This is yet another weekly update
from yours truly Elder Beck. This week has been so full I don't know
where to begin.

First, on our way to sports on Saturday we came across a giant Vespa
(scooter) group! They were riding all through Castellón to celebrate
who knows what! It was super funny just to come across the group! We
saw some very interesting scooters. People are very creative with
their stuff. Haha

On Friday night we had the kitchen door open to let in some air.
Normally it's fine, but then it all went south. We looked over and
found a gecko in our house! That was hilarious. We tried to get it
out, but it ended up jumping into the heater on the wall. So of course
the only logical thing to do was to try and flood him out. We grabbed
water and tried, but it didn't work. After that we tried to stick
knives down to knock him off, but that didn't work either. By this
time we had to go to bed, so we shut the door and left the screen
open.  When we woke up, we didn't see the gecko. Who knows where he is

As far as updates with the people we are teaching, they are all
progressing well! They each have their things, but as we teach by the
spirit and they do their part we begin to see miracles! I have loved
Castellón because it has given us very unique challenges!

One of my favorite investigators is Jesus. He is a man with tear drop
tattoos, and has been in prison a lot. He has suffered so much, and is
so humble and willing  to accept the gospel. I feel so much love for
him every time we teach him! It is such a blessing to be a missionary.

Now on to the sad moments. This week three of my companions good
friends passed away in a car accident. It was at first numbing to see,
and then the sadness hit! Elder Reddish was sad, yet it was not
despair, because he knows that there is more after this life. If he
didn't, it would be a crippling weight. There is a place prepared for
those who die. If you don't believe, it doesn't matter, because it is
true. Every person at some point in their lives needs that knowledge.
It's not a belief.... it is knowledge given through the power of God.
I know that Jesus Christ suffered the pains that we suffer. I know He
felt it. Every feeling of guilt, pain, remorse, sorrow, and despair.
It was so much to bear, that blood came from every pore of His body.
He didn't have to suffer, but He chose to, because He loves us. Their
is someone out there who loves you with a perfect love! I know that
beyond a shadow of a doubt, because there have been times in my life
when I felt alone, hurt, guilty, sad, and weak. Yet in that moment
when I asked Him, He took away that pain. He has the power to do it.
All we need to do is seek Him.

I love you all, and I hope and pray with all my heart that you will
search Him, because it will change your life. He changed mine.

Elder Beck

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